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The perfect word to describe 1970 clothes is psychedelic! Colors and crazy motifs characterize the style of this era. First the hippies, and then the disco music were the main influences on 1970 clothes and fashion.

At the end of the 60’s, fashion was based on the hippie and swinging style. In the 70’s, some fashionable items of the previous decade remained. Bell-bottom pants from the hippie era and mini-skirts from the swinging era were still on vogue. But this time, fashions were mixed, and a woman could choose to use a mini skirt or a full length skirt whenever she wanted and she would look great. Full length skirts came into fashion when hippie women started wearing them. These skirts were out of fashion as in the 60's mini-skirts were the new trend.

The fashion of the 70’s is characterized by its mixture of colors and interesting motifs. The travel conditions of the 70’s allowed people to travel around the world easily and designers could bring ideas as regards motifs and designs from other ethnic groups. This is why we find so much variety and exoticism in 1970 clothes.

Pants went through many changes during this decade. After the hippies, bell-bottom pants appeared, but they flared gradually during the 70’s. At first they flared a bit, but then they got really wide until the end of the 70’s when they were narrow again. Today, wide bell-bottom remain a symbol of 1970 clothes.

But 1970 clothes also demanded a change in hair style. With the new decade, new hair style trends emerged. Short androgynous haircut for women was very fashionable during the 60’s. But at the end of that decade the hippie movement produced some modifications in fashion and long hair was again seen on the streets. During the 70's long hair style for women was very feminine and in vogue. Hair styles were wild and flat at the same time.

The disco fashion was some sort of movement during the 70’s that brought about a new and original style. The 1970 clothes during the disco era went through a series of changes. From shoes to hair, the disco style could be detected at a glance. Bright colors, satin fabrics, high platform shoes and tight t shirts were some of the items that characterized this 1970 clothes style. During this era, the aim was to look as cool as possible and to show off your body. If you were skinny enough to fit into super tight pants and shirts, then you had to show it.

When we remember the disco fashion and 1970 clothes from this era we immediately associate it with Saturday nights and fun. The dance movement was some kind of explosion of nine-fivers, who were tired of working so much during the week and were craving for some fun and relaxing. Disco clothes were worn during the night and were not appropriate for day wear. However, this type of 1970 clothes had great influence on everyday wear and even children wore pimp shirts.

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